Planos | Advertising

Revolutionise with communicative advertising and expand the name of your company.

In Planos | Advertising we included various services inherent in advertising in general. With this service we want to contribute to the success of the companies, since it is known that good advertising can be a generator of wealth and timely disclosure of a business. We create and offer the best vinyl and printing material on the market combined with the know-how and commitment of our team in order to be able to be at the forefront in the emergence of business opportunities.

Planos | Project Management

See your thought processes illustrated in amazing mind maps.

In order to obtain the desired success, a project must firstly be specified. If it is not solidly structured down to the smallest detail, the project may not become definable or even profitable. With Planos | Project Management it is up to us to capture, in a fast and simple way, the customer’s needs and transform them into a mind map, a type of diagram which helps in exposing the creative process. Thus we are able to present a 100% viable and functional proposal with the exact information of the total cost. This management is undoubtedly an added value for the customer, as it provides all relevant information on feasibility, costs, etc. prior to project initiation.

Planos | Consulting

Learn about new technology and marketing trends to further conquer your customers.

In Planos | Consulting find the necessary advice on all new trends in marketing and technology. This will support you to take the right step for the consolidation or expansion of your business. We believe in creativity with quality and in the assessment of the real needs to quickly create competitive advantages and / or maximize the reach of the company’s name.

Planos | Development

Maximise your time and turn the needs of your company into a solution without missing the technological boat.

One of the main objectives of a company is to exponentially raise its profile in the market. For that purpose, in Planos | Development we put a programmer from Grandes Planos at your disposal, who, with his know-how and extensive experience in the area, autonomously performs the services to be provided within a stipulated budget or the ones he is asked to do: creating updates, changing attitudes and ways of working or modifying the software without changing the existing working methods to maximise time.

Planos | Design

Empower your results and give visibility to your company with exceptional visual solutions.

The partnership that we manage to established with our customers allows us to promote, develop and/or improve effectively their image and visibility on the market. With Planos | Design we generate ideas which are converted into visual solutions that define the customer's identity. Our multidisciplinary professionals embody specific design, for example, for campaigns or advertising, or change the corporate image of a company to renovate, or 'refresh' their visibility on the market, based on the current requirements of the company.

Planos | Multimedia

Move your business and promote it with usability, aesthetics and functionality.

Planos | Multimedia resembles Planos | Design, since it uses the principles of graphic design, but combined with movement. The creative and innovative multimedia solutions are ideal to convey the message of your company, to exhibit your products and/or services, or to switch the conventional customer support for video explanations and instructions; perfect to gain more visibility and to cut expenses.

Planos | Configuration

Keep permanently connected to your customers and your business.

Currently companies have to be permanently connected, whether externally or internally, for better efficiency and higher productivity. In Planos | Configuration we provide configuration and maintenance service for your entire technology platform, striving for security, organization and cost reduction. With extensive experience at the interface settings, we ensure uninterrupted operation of all equipment without internal breaks.

Planos | Support

Enjoy technical support excellence for all our products and services.

In order to ensure your utmost satisfaction and to avoid delays in the company's productivity, Planos | Support is a service made available to you 24/7, to troubleshoot and fix any technical issues. This package can be purchased with our products and/or services and is perfectly adaptable to any of them. The performance of our team is fast, professional and reliable.