Grandes | Sales

Conquer your customers with your well-structured range of products, while increasing simultaneously efficiency and success, in the sales campaign and process.

High quality and efficiency in the contact with the clientele are key competitive advantages. With Grandes | Sales present your range of products in extraordinary image galleries, which, due to the intuitive user interface, guide your customers easily and fast to the desired products and even include order suggestions based on the usage behavior of your customers. Orders are ​​directly taken during the conversation and automatically transmitted to the company head office. Continuous performance monitoring, through analysis and assessment of the results, enables the sustainable improvement of the offer and brings efficiency to your sales campaigns, which allows, in the short run, the awareness of potential growth and savings. You can also adapt your sales modules and the multiple assistance offers, in a flexible way and convertible to the new circumstances, making way for new distribution channels, whether you are part of an online store, a portal or mobile app.
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Grandes | Arts

Bring transparency to your product portfolio and identify success factors as well as growth potential

Solid knowledge about the assortment increases the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing measures. With Grandes | Arts you analyse your product portfolio in a smart approach: thanks to freely combinable terms filters, you can quickly target your range according to your most relevant criteria. Due to the reduced complexity and the clear presentation of all types of information about the products, you shortly recognise synergies, as well as growth and saving potentials.
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Grandes | Analyses

Create trust with simple dashboards and increase customer loyalty through transparent work processes. Take the pulse of your clientele and monitor the sustainability of your efforts.

With Grandes | Analyses you can create transparency in complex contexts and processes: a wide choice of graphic evaluation possibilities and clearly visible process steps facilitate a very simple handling. A clear and easy-going user interface promotes customer satisfaction, and the customer will surely pay you a visit again. Recurring performance monitoring makes the sustainable improvement of your offer and services possible. With Grandes | Analyses you evaluate your range of services, as well as their quality, in a broad approach: thanks to freely settable online surveys you can simply perform 360º evaluations with your customers and suppliers. The results are analysed and the sustainability of your work is verified in meaningful dashboards and individually adjustable comparative viewpoints. In addition, increase your turnover through conscious and optimised product placement on the shelves.
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Grandes | Presentations

Inspire your customers with outstanding presentations and a highly motivating knowledge transfer

Fascinate your audience in an impressive way: the filmic and multimedia staging of your brand cleverly gives your products, and their unique characteristics, greater visibility. With Grandes | Presentations product demonstrations are made with high-quality audiovisual media – giant high-resolution screens or even mobile terminals – which allow you to take your customer in a unique, motivating, interactive and direct way to the suitability of your product. Grandes | Presentations provides equally training with the latest terminal equipment.
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Grandes | Consultations

Build up confidence with clear consulting processes and increase your support skills

With Grandes | Consultations react flexibly to your customer’s questions and suggestions, placing yourself in the position of a deeply competent counseling partner, who is able to carry out the requirements of the customer, and thus become regarded as a provider of modern and dynamic service. With Grandes | Consultations and previously prepared counseling dialogues offer your customers also comprehensive, active and, most of all, transparent assistance. These dialogues also increase the number of contracts, too. Take your customers, without incompatibilities and in only one conversation, from the needs assessment directly to the contract: in a single, noticeable way you present a tailor-made offer - and automatically send out signed contracts to the company head office. Your customer visits become more efficient and effective.
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Grandes | Loyalties

Surprise your customers with thrilling offers and raise considerably the customer fidelity

Tailored and personalized contents continually increase customer fidelity. With Grandes | Loyalties you tailor you offer to the customers’ needs and surprise with valuable additional services: thanks to the seamless connection to CRM systems and online stores you constantly update your knowledge about the customers. This helps you to link directly to your customer offers and services which are of real interest - and which they really like buying over and over again.
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