Grandes | Packages

Boost your business from day one with a professional touch with your hardware and software choice.

The Grandes | Packages are interesting for StartUps and SMEs as they cover all relevant requirements at the time of the launch of your business, and that at a very attractive price. We have several solutions which fit the company's needs, for example, e-mails, a website or a telephone with answering machine. These complete packages include those details that not only give a highly professional touch to the company, but also drive your business forward from the very first day.

Planos | Wi-Fi

Go beyond the limits of high performance and scalable systems.

With Planos | Wi-Fi, you need only one equipment, provided with high reliability and large amplitude, since it uses different frequencies. The access points make an intelligent management of existing devices in the building and, because of their ability to make 3D views, they can also calculate the existence of walls to provide a fast and effective signal. Furthermore, an expandable system allows an increase in the amplitude whenever it is necessary.

Planos | Processing

Work on devices with unprecedented performance, enviably quick and safe.

Endowed with a high processing capacity, which is ideal for working withoutinterruption, our highly reliable servers and workstations have a multiplied processing power, with at least 4 cores in each processor. Its enormous access memory capacity is easily adaptable to the customer’s needs and the automatic backup ensures secure storage of all entered data. Optionally, the data can be stored in a cloud. In Planos | Processing we also guarantee double performance because the PC reads and writes at the same time thanks to RAID 6 systems, which enable an unprecedented performance.

Planos | Network

Expand your technological infrastructure in a full and protected way.

Planos | Network was created to provide solutions for those who need to maintain or optimise the high performance and reliability of their equipment without affecting the operation of businesses. We offer cutting-edge equipment with a processing capacity which is far superior to the conventional equipment; perfect for companies with large infrastructures.

Planos | Communication

Be prepared for the change and deploy a new phone system in your business.

Telephony systems help reducing costs, improving productivity and achieving the goals of a company. With Planos | Communication we provide more tools to create even more efficiency, by studying the company's needs, as the resources are diverse. In the end we may suggest, for example, automatically adaptable switchboards, virtual lines, conference phones or integration with customer relationship management technology.